On writing Omnicide

Writing Beastmaster: Omnicide was tough. I had written the original book, Symbiosis, half a year ago and had just finished writing the draft to another story with a very different voice. I was worried I couldn’t get back into the face-paced thriller-like groove combined with silliness that had made the first book work.

I also wanted to twist, or at least tweak, a few genre conventions. In general, that’s a very bad thing to do as a novice writer (i.e. me) because you should learn to follow the rules before you break them. But I get bored easily and wanted to try something new. A lot of readers loved the use of what some would call J-harem tropes in Symbiosis. A lot of other readers of modern harem novels hated it.

Book two was where I had planned to start balancing or resolving some of the genre tensions. Ditto for the litrpg elements. The litrpg elements were always on the lighter side because I wanted the litrpg aspect itself to be a key plot point of the story, rather than a wham-bam, drop you in a VR world in chapter 1, now GO! In that sense, Beastmasters isn’t a mainstream litrpg series, either.

Then, there are are the complications of writing a sequel. Upping the stakes. Keeping it the same yet fresh. Omnicide was my first sequel, so I had to work through a few basic issues of that sort. I always knew where I was heading with the plot, but the story devil is in the details.

I should probably just write to market like everyone else advises, but my whole point of writing stories is to explore and express ideas. I definitely want to improve my craft, and part of that is fulfilling genre expectations. So that’s all good, but I’m impatient and want to get the stories in my head out as well.

What’s next? I’m wrapping up a superhero high fantasy story that should come out in a week or two. There’s one sticky plot point I’m trying to revise.

After that, I’ll finish up the Beastmasters series with one or two more books. I’m not interested in writing an endless series. That takes a different set of skills that I’d like to master some day, but I have other priorities for now.

Once I wrap up Beastmasters, I will finally write a litrpg book that has been on my mind for a while. I can’t wait anymore!

Beyond that? I have a couple ideas floating around, but I’d be happy to hear from my readers.

So if you want more shenanigans, cyberpunk, anything that won’t get me in trouble, leave a comment below or send me an email.


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