knightpunk code

The Knightpunk Code

In a land ruled by armor, the iron man is king.

Jakson the thief holds no love for the throne. His half-brother, the crown prince, hates him. His father, the king, refuses to acknowledge him. He is at home on the streets as a trickster and rogue.

Yet he dreams of knighthood. For armor is power, and the king’s knights wield the strongest steel.

A desperate gamble leads Jakson to an otherworldly artifact: armor from another age. His discovery propels him into a deadly game of knights, a game of treachery, violence, and corruption.

Threats arise from beyond the kingdom and from within. Allies emerge from companions old and new. War is coming, but Jakson’s true fight is not on the battlefield.

For when knights lie and champions steal, who will trust is the honor of a rogue?

Jon Snow is Iron Man in this high tech, high fantasy mashup. Contains emerging sweet harem themes, which means more Robert Jordan, less Terry Goodkind. This volume does not contain explicit adult situations.

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