Beastmasters Symbiosis harem litrpg

Beastmaster: Symbiosis

19Debuted as a #1 Bestseller in Superhero, Cyberpunk, and Psychics categories

“Folks that like good action, sci-fantasy, or folks that like super power stories will appreciate this.” – R. A. Mejia, LitRPG Podcast 137

An alien cat turned me into a superweapon.

I was homeless on the streets of Third York when it happened. Then the military arrived and gave me a choice. Enlist or die.

The next thing I knew, I was fighting giant robots at the Xenoforce Academy’s boot camp. Figuring out superpowers and energy levels was hard enough, but I had to deal with a mind-reading alien princess, a team of gorgeous women, and a femme fatale in charge of the whole operation.

Oh, and a galactic conspiracy is threatening all of humanity.

It’s up to me and my new feline friend to set things right. A civil war’s brewing on the homeworld of our allies from space, and hidden traitors are sabotaging Earth’s defenses. We’ll have to gain the trust of my hot teammates and —

Did I mention how tight their bodysuits are?

Warning: This harem LitRPG fantasy adventure may not be suitable for all audiences. Contains sensual and comedic adult scenes of questionable taste, anime-style harem situations, and GameLit/LitRPG mechanics.

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