beastmaster omnicide harem litrpg

Beastmaster: Omnicide

Book 2 of the Beastmasters series!

Superweapon stud? That’s what the doctor ordered.

The Beastmasters are dwindling. The Mekanics are growing bolder. Everyone’s desperate for the next magic bullet.

With no more Chimerics arriving, there’s only one way to make more Beastmasters. Me.

I’m not against making baby Beastmasters with the hotties on my squad. The problem is that they’re not telling me everything. The last time they tried this, things got pretty ugly…

All hell’s breaking loose. Secrets are spilling left and right. Even my alien cat Zoe can’t keep all the facts straight. And everyone wants a piece of me.

There’s this new robot girl, too. She’s a stalker. Certified crazy.

But she could be the key to ending the War. She’s also a total babe and can do this trick with her hands you have to see to believe…you know what they say about the crazy ones?

Warning: May not be suitable for all audiences. This book contains a blend of anime and western style harem themes and gamelit/litrpg mechanics.

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